There are countless reasons why it is important to have a will. Far more than just passing out your possessions after you have died, wills that are drawn up by a qualified attorney can make life easier on many people and make sure that everything is handled quickly and efficiently.

Having a will in place will account for all of the following issues –

• Giving you a say in your medical care should you become incapacitated
• Pass your assets on to family and friends in the most effective way so they are the least exposed to taxes, creditors, etc.
• Allow you to plan carefully while you are of good mind. Writing a will while healthy will ensure you don’t forget members of the family or your favorite charity
• Make sure everyone that is dependent on you is taken care of properly

There is a great peace of mind derived from knowing that your financial affairs are in order. Call the offices of Ted Williams today to discuss drawing up your will. You will rest easy after you have it in place, and working with an experienced attorney will let you be sure everything will go smoothly after you have passed on.

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