Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is payment made from one ex-spouse to the other. This is a very complex area of divorce law, and can hinge on a wide range of factors. An experienced attorney is needed to navigate all of the considerations and argue in court for your best interest.

Among the various considerations used for determining alimony are the following:

• Age of both parties
• Earnings, both past and present
• Future earnings potential
• Length of the marriage
• Fault of parties in divorce

With such an ambiguous set of considerations, alimony payments can vary wildly from case to case. If you go into an alimony hearing without proper representation, you run the risk of being forced to pay much more in alimony than you should have to. Contact the offices of Ted Williams today for a free consultation on your alimony case. Ted Williams is an experienced family law attorney and will fight for your interests every step of the way.

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