How to File


How to File

Certainly no one plans on having to file bankruptcy at any point in their life. However, circumstances can arise that leave even responsible people with no other option than to file for bankruptcy. If you find yourself in that situation currently, give us a call at the offices of attorney Ted Williams. We will help you wade through the paperwork and make sure your filing is done properly.

When preparing to file bankruptcy, there are many different factors that the court will evaluate. Among them are the following –

• Total assets to your name
• Total debts against your name
• Current and future earning potential
• Type of debts you face (home loans, credit cards, etc.)
• Extenuating Circumstances

In order to have a bankruptcy filing proceed successfully, you will need to have all of your financial records organized and ready to be examined. An experienced attorney who has been through bankruptcy proceedings before will be able to guide you smoothly through that process to ensure they are no unforeseen problems.

By calling our offices today, you will receive a free consultation on your potential bankruptcy case. Ted Williams has worked on many bankruptcy cases, and you can feel good that he will work with you throughout the process. Don’t put it off any longer – we look forward to your call.

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