If you have been charged with any of a wide range of driving offenses, you will want to consider working with an experienced attorney like Ted Williams to protect your interests. There are countless difference offenses you could be charged with, ranging from minor violations to serious infractions. Among the possible charges include –

• Speeding
• Running a Red Light
• Driving without Lights
• Failure to Yield
• Reckless Driving

While many of these may seem like minor charges, you would be wise to defend yourself if you feel you have been charged in error. As you accumulate driving offenses in Alabama, the penalties will get more severe and could result in damaging consequences. Some of the possible ramifications of multiple driving offense convictions include

Higher insurance rates
• Being required to take defensive driving courses
• Suspended driver’s license
• Increasingly heavy fines
• Jail time in severe cases

If you think that you have been wrongly charged with a driving offense, it is worth your time and effort to put up a solid defense. Give our offices a call today for a free consultation. Ted Williams is an experienced attorney within the state of Alabama and will make sure your best interests are served.

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