Ted Williams, Jr.

Foreclosure is a situation that has become a reality for far too many Americans. If you are faced with mounting debt and a mortgage payment that you can no longer make, we can help you avoid a foreclosure. By filing bankruptcy in the state of Alabama, you can stop foreclosure proceedings immediately. While these decisions are never easy, choosing to file for bankruptcy may be your best option and the easiest path to keeping your home and other assets.

Even if you are already in the midst of a foreclosure process, it is not too late to act and prevent the foreclosure from going through. Bankruptcy can give you time to get relief from the financial burden you have been under, get reorganized, and create a plan for getting back on track. Call the offices of attorney Ted Williams today for a free consultation. We will help you determine if bankruptcy is the proper way to proceed, and help you get started if you choose to take that option. Don’t stand by while your home is foreclosed – we look forward to helping you in this difficult time.