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Professional and experienced Family Law, Criminal Law, Probate Law, Personal Injury claims as well as handling numerous Bankruptcy and IRS Matters.  To most Attorneys, your case may seem like just another case.  We, however, understand that to you, this is a personal matter and it is affecting your life. Anyone can go to a bigger firm and get the same treatment that your case is not that big and is seemingly handled that way. We believe that you paid hard earned money to have your claim handled like it mattered, not as some other file sitting on a table that only gets looked at when someone gets a free moment. Stop making big firms big by giving your hard earned money to a firm that your case is just another file. To our firm, your file is your case and it does matter and it is handled by the book and by the numbers.

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With 12 years as the DHR Attorney in Blount County, Alabama and over a year in the District Attorney’s Office all the while still working with an Office located directly in the middle of Downtown Oneonta, Alabama.  We’ve been here when it mattered most and have always prided ourselves in doing the right thing and doing everything by the book and by the numbers.  Never skipping steps to take a shortcut.  We make take a bit longer, but you can rest assured at the end of the day, you will know that we handled your matter in the correct and proper manner.

15 years of experience

12 Years working as a DHR Attorney, a year in the District Attorneys Office.

Defining success

To handle your case by the book and then by the number to ensure your case is handled correctly.

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Committed to helping our clients succeed

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Divorce & separation

Grandparent rights

Child custody

Domestic violence

Criminal Matters

Marriage/Civil Unions

Adoption & Surrogacy

Domestic violence

Drug Related Matters

Professional and experienced family law attorney

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Excellent Track Record.

Over 15 years handling cases in Blount County, Alabama

Transparent Fees

Up front pricing so you know that you are not going to spend a small fortune on what was promised to be an inexpensive and easy legal matter.

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Because at the end of the day, your case being handled correctly is what really matters.

The longer a bad situation goes on, the worse it will eventually become. 

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