Legal issues are inevitably a stressful thing to go through. When you add in the effects that family law cases have on your loved ones, that stress only gets intensified. There are a wide range of cases that can fall under the umbrella of family law, so you will want to work with an attorney experienced in a wide range of these cases. Ted Williams has practiced family law in Alabama and will bring his experience and knowledge to your aid.

Some of the different facets that are included in family law include –

  • Divorce. Divorce is always a difficult issue, and a talented attorney will help smooth out this challenging time.
  • Adoptions. Adding to your family is a thrilling time, but also comes with many legal requirements. Attorneys with experience in adoption can make the process as enjoyable as it should be.
  • Child Support. When it comes time to determine how much child support will be paid from one parent to another, it is crucial to have good representation. A qualified attorney will ensure you don’t pay more than you should on a monthly basis.


No one wants to deal with family issues in a courtroom. If that becomes a necessity, however, give us a call at the law offices of Ted Williams. We will provide you with a free consultation and make sure that you are properly represented all along the way.

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