Acting with the intent to harm another person, or actually harming another person, is considered assault in the state of Alabama. There are a range of charges under the assault definition depending on the severity of the crimes you are charged with. Using an experienced defense attorney to defend you in an assault case will give you the best chance of being exonerated.

There are three different classes of assault that you can be charged with under Alabama law.

• Assault in the first degree. This is the most serious charge, and is classified as a Class B Felony. A conviction of these charges will result in a jail sentence of between two and twenty years, in addition to a significant fine.
• Assault in the second degree. A Class C Felony, second degree assault is still a very serious charge. The jail sentence for this kind of a conviction will be similar to the first degree charges, however the fine amount is likely to be less.

Assault in the third degree. This is least of the assault charges in Alabama, and is brought as a Class A Misdemeanor. While the punishments are lower for this charge, including no more than one year in jail, the ramifications of a conviction are still serious. You will want to fight these charges fully to keep a conviction of assault off of your permanent record.

There are many possible defenses in an assault case. These cases often involve many different witness testimonies and varying stories. An experienced defense attorney will understand the law and how to best present your side of the story. Contact the offices of Ted Williams today for a free consultation and start working toward defending your rights in this case.

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